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Jillian Schuh, PhD


Jillian Schuh, Ph.D., is a psychologist who provides neuropsychological assessments for children and adolescents with difficulties related to attention and hyperactivity; communication; memory; learning; and social and emotional functioning and behavior. She has specialty training in neuropsychological assessment with children who have medical or neurological complexities, such as traumatic brain injury, brain tumors, neurosurgical histories, cancer survivors, vascular conditions, genetic disorders, and histories of stroke, prenatal or perinatal complications and prematurity. Jillian treats children and teens ages 1-18. She takes a child and family-centered approach to care. Jillian believes families are diverse and each face their own set of unique challenges in promoting their child's development. Flexibility, compassion, understanding and support are all qualities she emphasizes in her work, and Jillian strives to clearly communicate with those involved in each child's life. Jillian is passionate about providing children with support and implementing small changes early in life to give them the best opportunity to overcome their challenges. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, her Master of Arts degree and Ph.D. from University of Connecticut, completed an internship at the University of Chicago Medical Center and completed her fellowship and two-year training program specializing in neuropsychological assessment at the Medical College of Wisconsin. One of the aspects that drew Jillian to work with children and families is the rewarding feeling of knowing you have positively impacted another individual. In her spare time Jillian enjoys spending time with family, enjoying the outdoors, playing the piano and photography.

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