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Samantha Hanson, LPC, ATR -- Art Therapist

Mental Health Therapist

Samantha Hanson, LPC, ATR – Art Therapist, is a mental health therapist in Catalpa’s Day Treatment program who sees clients ages 8-18 with anxiety, depression, mood dysregulation, ADHD, and physical symptoms due to mental illness.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Samantha earned her Master of Science in Art Therapy and Mental Health Counseling from Springfield College in Massachusetts. She helps each person develop future chapters of their own unique story, especially by using creative media to facilitate discussion during therapy.

Samantha chose the therapy field because of her interest in helping people feel better. She has personally used art to express herself and to decrease her anxiety, and wants to share that with others who are going through a difficult time. By sharing her artistic skills, she helps people learn to help themselves and to create a better quality of life by adding a little color to their day. She delights in seeing people piece together the “why” using a combination of metaphors and creative materials, and then viewing their progress along the way.

Outside of Catalpa, Samantha enjoys bowling, hiking, hunting and fishing, computer games, reading, knitting, and gardening.

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