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Our Providers

At Catalpa Health, our highly trained mental health professionals will provide the care and support our patients and families need. Our dedication to excellence ensures both patients and their families receive healing, compassionate care.

Psychiatrists/Advanced Practice Nurse Prescribers (APNPs)

Alisa Nehls
Beth Boehnlein
Beth Boehnlein MS, RN, APNP
Dean Smith
Dean Smith MD
Eric Rueff
Eric Rueff DO
Janelle Jensen
Janelle Jensen PMHNP-BC, APNP
Lisa Engelhardt
Lisa Engelhardt APNP
Mark Rovick
Mark T Rovick DO


Amanda Matthews
Amanda Matthews MS, MA
Ashley Berry
Ashley Berry PSY.D
Erin VandenLangenberg
Erin VandenLangenberg PhD, MPH, LP
Jillian Schuh
Jillian Schuh PhD
John Oestreicher
John Oestreicher PhD, ABPP/CN
Linda Steffen
Linda J Steffen PsyD
Susan Oestreicher
Susan M Oestreicher PhD

Prevention Specialists

Chris Wardlow
Chris Wardlow MAT, CPS
Cindy Czarnik-Neimeyer
Cindy Czarnik-Neimeyer MS, CPS


Alicia Hans
Alicia Hans MSW, LCSW
Alisha Bisbee
Alisha Bisbee MS, LPC-IT
Alysha Baier
Alysha Baier MSW, APSW
Amanda Gueldenzopf
Amanda Gueldenzopf MSE, LPC
Amanda Prachel
Amanda Prachel LMFT
Amy Gunderson
Amy C Gunderson MS, CSW, LPC
Amy Morrissey, MSE, LPC
Amy M Morrissey, MSE, LPC
Ann Gaylord
Ann Gaylord MA, LMFT
Anna (Girdauskas) Szyperek
Anna (Girdauskas) Szyperek LPC, NCC
Ashley (Reinke) Mattek
Ashley (Reinke) Mattek MSE, LPC, NCC
Ashley Strunk
Ashley Strunk CSW, LPC
Becky Ollmann
Becky Ollmann MA, LMFT
Becky Parman Knoll
Becky Parman Knoll MA, LMFT
Carmen Meuret
Carmen Meuret MSW, APSW
Chris Stanaszak
Chris Stanaszak MSE, MBA, LPC
Christine Zanotelli
Christine Zanotelli MSW, APSW
David Murry
David D Murry MS, LMFT
Elissa Stults
Elissa Stults MA, LMFT
Gina (Leonardelli) Day, LPC, NCC
Gina (Leonardelli) Day, LPC, NCC
Jennifer Bushman
Jennifer Bushman MSW, LCSW
Katie Skebba
Katie Skebba LCSW
Katy Westfahl
Katy K Westfahl MS, LPC
Kayla (Penshorn) Aleson
Kayla (Penshorn) Aleson MSW, APSW
Kim Charniak
Kim Charniak MSW, LCSW
Kimberly Shuman-Kellar
Kimberly Shuman-Kellar
Kristin (Roovers) Dorn
Kristin (Roovers) Dorn MSW, LCSW
Kristin Neubert
Kristin Neubert LPC, ATR
Lauren Sankey
Lauren Sankey MSW, APSW
Laurissa Schisel
Laurissa Schisel MS, LPC-IT
Liz Walker
Liz Walker LPC
Maria Vercimak
Maria Vercimak LPC
Natalie Lewellyn
Natalie Lewellyn MSW, LCSW
Natasha Patton
Natasha Patton LPC
Samantha (Rashid) Larson
Samantha (Rashid) Larson MSW, LCSW
Scott Radtke
Scott Radtke LPC
Stacey Otto
Stacey Otto LCSW, IMH-E®
Stephanie Diamond
Stephanie Diamond LCSW
Tia Irish
Tia Irish MS, LPC-IT, NCC
Tory Suehs
Tory Suehs MA, LPC
Valerie Schmude
Valerie Schmude MS, LPC

Intake Specialists

Andrea (Verhasselt) Fralin
Andrea (Verhasselt) Fralin LCSW
Candy Knaide
Candy Knaide LPC
Emily Lawton
Emily Lawton MSW, LCSW
Kelly Hagerty
Kelly Hagerty MSW, LCSW
Kevin Sheier
Kevin Sheier MS, LPC
Lauren Kazik
Lauren Kazik MA, LPC
Mallory Nitsch
Mallory Nitsch MS, LPC

Intensive Outpatient Program Team

Crystal Yandre
Crystal Yandre
Erica Micele
Erica Micele
Katie (Klinke) De Bruin
Katie (Klinke) De Bruin LPC
Kristin Lowe
Kristin Lowe LPC, NCC
Morgan Raube
Morgan Raube