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Our Provider Teams:

Our intake specialists are licensed clinicians who provide billed diagnostic assessments and give recommendations for care plans after the initial intake appointment. These providers help ensure kids are placed in the right programs as soon as possible. Depending on the care plan or Catalpa’s availability, you may be referred outside of Catalpa to a partner organization. If you are coming to us for medication management services, please note that medications will not be prescribed at this first visit, which is an assessment-only appointment. This 1-hour appointment will be held virtually and requires the child to be physically present with the parent(s)/guardian in Wisconsin.
Our psychiatrists and APNPs provide evaluations that assess a child’s mental health needs and medical condition. Psychiatrists are licensed physicians who evaluate mental health challenges and Advanced Practice Nurse Prescribers have an advanced nursing degree and are certified in psychiatric medication management and mental health treatment. Both our psychiatrist and APNPs can prescribe medication. It is always the parent’s decision whether their child should do a trial of medication.
Our team of psychologists and neuropsychologists, some of whom are board certified, provide testing services to children for a wide variety of developmental, psychiatric, and medical reasons for referral for ages birth through 18 years.
Our prevention specialists support school districts and counties and provide training and services to increase awareness around pediatric mental health, Catalpa Health programs and so much more! They also participate in company lunch & learns, conferences, community fairs and other events throughout the Fox Valley.
Our therapy team includes certified therapists and graduate trainees that provide a variety of mental health therapy services to support kids and teens facing a variety of mental health challenges. Each provider has their own unique process for connecting with and developing a care plan for their client, but they are all committed to Catalpa’s mission of helping children and families improve their mental health and wellness.
IOP offers daily therapy to the highest-risk teen clients who are in need of a restricted treatment level to help build coping strategies and support them through a period of crisis or declining functioning secondary to their mental health struggles. This helps teens transition from hospitalization or provides elevated support before hospitalization is needed. If you are interested in this program, please call (920) 702-3364 to get more information and start the application process.

The Care Management team serves multiple functions at Catalpa Health to support families with hospital coordination, safety calls and planning, urgent clinic appointments, and other resource support.

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