Emotional and Mental Health Concerns

Our specialists identify, and provide treatment for, a variety of emotional and mental health concerns ranging from depression to anger management to grief and loss.  We work with children and their families to first diagnose their mental health issues, and then map out an appropriate treatment plan to give them the tools they need to live a healthy, satisfying life.

Here are some of the concerns our specialists can help with:

Kids with attention deficit disorders are often mislabeled as lazy or defiant. But the truth is their brains are wired differently, making it hard to focus or follow instructions even when they want to. Catalpa Health experts see beyond the disorder to recognize the potential inside every child. With supportive coaching, education and, in some cases, appropriate medication, we can help your child overcome attention deficit obstacles and move forward to a healthier, more successful future.

Sometimes it’s not just the typical blues. Clinical depression can happen to kids, and when it does, the whole family feels it. But there is hope.

Catalpa Health professionals specialize in identifying and treating childhood depression, so your child can step out of darkness and into the light. We offer one-one-one and group counseling, along with the medical expertise to prescribe and monitor medication when needed. Parents/guardians are kept closely involved, so you’ll know what to watch for and how to support your child through the healing process.

Kids are under a lot of pressure these days. Fears that might seem irrational to parents, teachers or other adults are indeed very real to a child. We know how to help.

Through individual and group counseling, our pediatric mental health experts can pinpoint unhealthy coping patterns and teach your child how to break free. In cases where medication is recommended, we’ll work with you to prescribe and monitor the most effective treatment for your child.

Bipolar disorder is a serious condition marked by rapid mood changes, irritability, and high levels of anxiety. People with bipolar disorder suffer from a “disease” of brain function, and like other illnesses, they can’t just wish themselves better or “snap out of it.” Specialized care is required.

At Catalpa Health, we unite all the specialists your child needs including counselors, prescribing psychiatrists, prevention specialists and more to treat every aspect of bipolar disorder, Parents/guardians are closely involved in the treatment plan, which is tailored to your child’s individual needs.

Often trouble at school has an underlying cause. At Catalpa Health, we can help identify the root of underachievement and develop a plan for success at school and at home.

Whether your child’s struggle is caused by learning challenges or attention deficit disorder, or by emotional health issues such as anxiety or depression, our experts specialize in communicating at your child’s level to fully understand how and why problems occur. Then we pull together a team involving Catalpa specialists, family support people, and school representatives to turn underachievement issues into a celebration of achievement.

OCD is a type of anxiety problem.  A child or teen who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is trapped in a pattern of behavior he or she cannot control. Catalpa Health experts are here to set your child free.

Through compassionate and insightful counseling, our therapists help children identify the root cause of their anxiety and teach them how to replace rituals or compulsions with healthy coping behaviors. In cases where medication is recommended as part of the treatment plan, we’ll work with you to prescribe and monitor the most effective care.

Schizophrenia is a serious brain disorder marked by psychotic episodes of extreme fear, anxiety, paranoia, or erratic behavior. A child with schizophrenia may not be able to distinguish reality from the imaginary.

At Catalpa Health, we understand the stress this type of condition can place on the individual and a family, and we offer highly specialized care to help your child live as normal a life as possible. Our psychiatrists and partnering agencies are experienced in treating schizophrenia effectively with medication and psychotherapy. We can also connect you with resources for the whole family to cope and thrive.

Is your child acting out at school or home? There might be an underlying reason. Let the experts at Catalpa Health discover the “why” behind your child’s behavior problems—then together we can turn things around.

Our counselors communicate at your child’s level to gently reveal the root causes of behavior trouble, which are often tied to anger, anxiety, learning challenges, depression or other circumstances. We work with you to develop a therapy plan that encourages your child to replace negative reactions with positive behavior. When appropriate, we’ll also get school representatives involved so that your child receives the support needed in every aspect of daily life.

Social pressure, family issues, school stress, puberty. Kids have a lot on their shoulders. It’s not uncommon for some kids to develop unhealthy coping strategies, such as anger and outbursts. Anger problems affect the family, school achievement, friendships and physical health. We can help.

Our trained and compassionate therapists know how to talk at your child’s comfort level, to get kids to open up so we can identify the root cause of anger and frustration. Through individual, family and group counseling, your child can discover he is not alone, and together we will introduce healthier ways of dealing with life’s stressors.

When a family is grieving, children may express their emotions differently from adults. At Catalpa Health, our caring specialists understand what goes on in your child’s head, so we can communicate with his/her heart.

In compassionate one-on-one, family or group therapy, our counselors help your child work through tangled feelings and learn how to cope effectively at home, school, and elsewhere. Our goal is to empower your child to face every new day with courage and hope.

Children today face tremendous social pressures, and challenges such as bullying and peer pressure are hot topics in every community. How do we protect our kids? We empower them.

At Catalpa Health, our goal is to arm kids with the social skills, courage, compassion and self-esteem needed to face relationship issues at school and beyond. Through individual, family and group counseling, your child will learn not only how to navigate the murky water of adolescent social life, but to rise above it stronger and more confident than before.

Sometimes the hurt is so deep, parents feel helpless. Let us give you strength. Our experts offer compassion and courage when your child needs it most. Through confidential one-on-one and family counseling, Catalpa Health therapists can help your child work through raw and rocky emotions and gently encourage healthy coping strategies. We work closely with you and help you understand that abuse cannot rob your child of dignity and hope. We’re here to help restore it—for the whole family.


When kids experience a scary or deeply sad incident, it can rock their world. We’re here to steady it again. Catalpa Health counselors will talk with your child at his or her comfort level, helping your child to better understand frightening or confusing emotions and how to cope with them. We work closely with you to develop a therapy plan that might include individual, family or group therapy sessions designed to help your child face the world with confidence.

Often following a traumatic event, kids might act out or withdraw. Catalpa Health counselors specialize in caring for a child’s vulnerable emotions. We talk with your child at his or her comfort level and gently encourage kids to open up so they can better understand their own emotions. We work closely with you to develop a therapy plan that might include individual, family or group therapy sessions designed to help your child face the world with confidence.

When the family hurts, kids may need extra help to cope with their feelings. At Catalpa Health, we know how to gently draw out your child’s frustration, anxiety, or sadness. Then we work closely with you to repair those hurt emotions, restore relationships, and empower your child with confidence. Your child’s personalized therapy plan may include one-on-one, family or group counseling designed to build confidence and teach healthy ways of dealing with stress.