Group Therapy

Group therapy is often beneficial to teens and kids by providing support from others going through similar situations. Groups are led by therapists who have experience working with teens and kids in this type of setting to maximize the benefits.

Group therapy focuses on change: change in attitudes, beliefs, emotions and behaviors. In the group, members are relieved to discover they are not alone—their experiences, problems or fears are not unique or isolated.

Group members are able to receive support, consider alternatives, challenge thoughts and develop new, more effective coping skills to ease their struggles and improve the quality of their lives. Groups meet weekly for a specified number of sessions. Family members or other support persons may be asked to participate in some of the sessions.

The current listing of group therapy options available are below. To get connected, please talk with your provider or give us a call at (920) 750-7000.

Group Therapy

Being the Best Me with ADHD

For kids in Kindergarten – Grade 2, this group helps improve overall function in kids with ADHD. It includes focus on self-regulation skills, school challenges, social skills and self-esteem.

Concurrent groups for parents build strengths to better manage behaviors, teach behavior modification strategies, and reinforce topics learned in the child’s group.

Bridge Group

Catalpa’s Bridge groups are primarily skill building groups. These groups allow kids to learn the basics of therapy and coping strategies that can benefit the majority. The goal of these groups is to provide an introduction and foundational knowledge for group or individual therapy. Clients will be introduced to coping skills, will have a safe place for sharing, and can connect with peers in similar situations. Groups run in pods of grades 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12. An intake appointment is required before group referral.

DBT Group

Focused on teens ages 13-18 and their parent/caregiver, this group helps build skills in managing moods/mood swings, assertive communication, teaching healthy ways to deal with stress and management of negative behaviors. Group members will learn cognitive, behavioral, and mindfulness skills to better identify and manage their emotions; and begin to apply these skills in their day-to-day lives.

Goals for this group are: improved social relationships, better family communication, reduced negative coping strategies (self-harm, suicidal thoughts), and improved feelings of self-worth.

This group is currently only offered in Appleton and Oshkosh and clients are expected to meet weekly with a DBT individual therapist.

HeART Group

This group was created for kids ages 12-18 who are diagnosed with depressive and anxiety disorders. The goal for each group member is to engage in a supportive environment while relating to others with similar struggles through the use of expressive arts. Each member will gain coping skills via psychoeducation, cognitive behavioral strategies and mindfulness to improve their ability to manage symptoms, increase their emotional awareness, improve their overall self-esteem and identity through the use of creative means.

SOAR Group

Youth ages 7-11 will develop and build skills in the areas of conversation skills, using various media in social situations, understanding humor, choosing and making appropriate friends, problem solving for teasing and bullying, and handling disagreements with peers. Participants will engage in homework assignments that challenge them to practice their skills with caregiver guidance outside of group. Group will follow a structured curriculum with creative elements involved.