New Clients

We look forward to partnering with your family to support your child’s mental health needs.

To schedule an initial appointment, please complete each of the steps below and then give us a call at (920) 750-7000.

Step 1:

Complete Family
History Form

Step 2:

Review & Sign
Intake Forms

  • Use legal names on forms.
  • If your child is 14 or older, they must review and sign the paperwork with you.
  • Clients over 18: Use this link to sign intake forms.

Step 3:

Ages & Stages Questionnaire

  • For children under 5 only

Step 4:

Wait 24 Hours for Processing

After 24 hours, please call us at (920) 750-7000 to schedule an initial evaluation.

Our Call Center Hours are:
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Monday – Friday

For Urgent Appointments:

NOTE: Urgent appointments are offered Monday-Friday and are NOT for therapy, psychiatry, or medication prescriptions. It is for safety assessment and management only. If a child has a current mental health provider, any urgent concerns should be alerted to that provider first if possible.
  • Scheduled within 24 hours for clients presenting self-harming behaviors, suicidal and/or homicidal ideations
  • Step 1: phone screening to assess concerns
  • Step 2: if needed, appointment to address safety concerns and complete safety planning with the child and parent/guardian
  • Next steps may include referral to a Catalpa program or coordination of inpatient hospitalization if necessary

For Non-Urgent Appointments:

  • A CSS will gather information and schedule an intake appointment for new clients (generally within 1-4 week)
  • Intake specialist provides billed diagnostic assessment and gives recommendations after intake appointment
  • Client is referred to a Catalpa provider and/or program, or is referred to a community partner if they have sooner availability.

After Hours:

If you need to make a call after clinic hours, we do partner with an agency that will provide safety planning and triaging for urgent situations. THEY DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO PROVIDER SCHEDULES AND ARE NOT ABLE TO HELP WITH SCHEDULING.

In the case of an emergency, please call 9-1-1.