Urgent Clinic

to connect with a Client Support Specialist (CSS)

Urgent Appointment

Scheduled within 24 hours for clients presenting self-harming behaviors and suicidal and/or homicidal ideations

Step 1: phone screening to assess concerns

Step 2: if needed, appointment to address safety concerns and complete safety planning with the child and parent/guardian

Next steps may include referral to a Catalpa program or coordination of inpatient hospitalization if necessary

Non-Urgent Appointment

A CSS will gather information and schedule an intake appointment for new clients (generally within 1-4 weeks)

Intake specialist provides billed diagnostic assessment and gives recommendations after intake appointment

Client is referred to a Catalpa provider and/or program, or is referred to a community partner if they have sooner availability

*Urgent appointments are offered Monday-Friday and are NOT for therapy, psychiatry, or medication prescriptions. It is for safety assessment and management. If a child has a current mental health provider, any urgent concerns should be alerted to that provider first if possible.