Mental Health Therapy

Mental health therapy helps your child through individual, family, and group therapy better understand their personal needs, and helps clients and their families learn new skills to manage life situations or relationships more effectively. Our therapists help clients develop treatment goals and provide the appropriate therapeutic support and guidance based on the client’s diagnosis or problem area.

The initial appointment will be scheduled with our Intake Team so we can evaluate the mental health issues that are presented. Our Intake Specialists complete mental health evaluations to help connect your child with the right services as quickly as possible.

Mental Health Services
Group therapy is often beneficial to teens and kids by providing support from others going through similar situations. Groups are led by therapists who have experience working with teens and kids in this type of setting to maximize the benefits.
For 7th-12th grade students who are transitioning between full or partial hospitalization and outpatient care, or who need to step up to a higher level of care from weekly individual therapy.
Catalpa Health provides on-site mental health services in over 40 schools in and around the Fox Valley. School-based mental health services can have an important impact on a student’s health and overall well-being.