Danielle Hanson (Randall)

Danielle Hanson (Randall)

Danielle Hanson (Randall)

Danielle Hanson, Ph.D., LP, is a licensed psychologist who sees clients at Catalpa’s Appleton clinic. As a pediatric testing psychologist, Danielle primarily focuses on psychological assessment for children and adolescents. Danielle often works with children and youth who have a history of difficulties related to developmental delay; executive functioning; learning; behavior; social and emotional functioning; and a history of trauma. Danielle has worked with individuals across the lifespan and has a special interest in psychological assessment for children and adolescents between the ages of 3-18. Danielle approaches parent coaching and feedback from a cognitive behavioral perspective, with a focus on empowering parents and caregivers to best support their child’s growth. A core component of her approach to assessment involves focusing on the next steps, including treatment referrals and long-term planning. Danielle takes a collaborative approach to working with parents and caregivers and focuses on early identification and coordination of interventions for children.

Danielle completed her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Arkansas, where she chose to remain for her graduate degrees (Master of Science in Counseling Psychology; Ph.D. in Psychology with an emphasis in counseling). Danielle completed her pre-doctoral training at the Southern Arkansas Regional Health Center, where she primarily worked with children, adolescents, and their families. Her post-doctoral year was completed at the University of Arkansas, where she completed psychological assessments and provided therapy services for adolescents and young adults. Subsequent work in psychological assessment has been focused on evaluation services for children and adolescents, with a focus on developmental questions and concerns. When choosing a career path, Danielle sought a field where she could positively impact the lives of others. Danielle chose to focus on psychological assessment for children as a way to be involved in increasing the access for children and their families to receive treatment and services that can greatly improve a child’s quality of life.

Danielle’s free time is spent with family and friends, preferably outside. She enjoys running, hiking, and kayaking.

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Dr. Danielle Hanson (Randall)

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