Samantha Martin (Goldade)

Samantha Martin (Goldade)

Samantha Martin (Goldade)

Samantha Martin, MSW, APSW, is a post-graduate therapist trainee at Catalpa Health. She has a specific interest in working with anger-related, mood, and personality disorders. She is also passionate about client-centered, evidence-based, trauma-informed, and holistic approaches to provide the best care possible. She recognizes the importance of building a strong rapport and maintaining a professional relationship to develop a sense of trust and willingness to participate. She sees clients ages 4-18.

She earned her BS in psychology and her Masters of Social Work (MSW) with a clinical emphasis from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Samantha is passionate about mental health and wellness since witnessing firsthand how it can affect someone so deeply and the difficulties it can bring to an individual and those closest to them.

Outside of work, Samantha enjoys reading, hunting, fishing, and spending time with friends, family, her dog, and two cats.

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Samantha Goldade

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